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Safe Space

What is a Safe Space?

If you have ever noticed a “Safe Space” sign in a business before and wondered what that meant, you’re not alone. These signs mean that a business has either gone through Safe Zone training or that they are simply a friend of the LGBTQ+ community.

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HIV & PrEP Injectable Treatments

The fight against HIV transmission continues every day, including advancements in treatment. People with HIV and those exposed to the virus may soon have access to injectable treatment options.

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U=U vs. PrEP

Did you know that a person with HIV who has an undetectable viral load cannot sexually transmit the virus to others? It’s true!

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Make this Holiday Season Your Own

If you are stressed during the holidays you are not alone. Dealing with the typical expectations of the season is one thing but we know that there can be deeper reasons for an emotional toll this time of year.

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Celebrate Transgender Day of Remembrance!

Every year on November 20th, the world unites to celebrate Transgender Day of Remembrance. During this annual celebration, we honor the lives lost to anti-transgender violence and address the issues the transgender community continues to face.

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Celebrate World AIDS Day!

Celebrate World AIDS Day!

Every year on December 1st the world unites to celebrate World AIDS Day. This global health day dates back to when it was founded in 1988 and is used to raise awareness of the fight against HIV, support those living with the illness, and honor those who have lost their lives to it.

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