Brandi’s roots trace back to a small town in central Illinois, with a population of just 1,500, in the heart of farm country. She earned dual bachelor’s degrees in marketing and information technology from Eastern Illinois University, setting the stage for a career spanning over two decades. With a customer service and program management background, Brandi has left her mark across multiple industries, including healthcare, education, consumer electronics, and homebuilding. She began her journey with Spectrum Medical in 2013, showcasing her passion for healthcare. Whether contributing to Spectrum’s mission of curbing the HIV epidemic or ensuring patients receive compassionate and equitable healthcare, Brandi’s work is driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact. In Brandi’s words, “When you’re fueled by love and belief in your work, it transcends mere occupation – it becomes a calling!” Outside work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, two daughters, and their furry companions, Barron and Thor. Brandi’s creative flair shines through in her passion for interior decorating and her hands-on approach to any DIY home improvement project that comes her way.