Welcome to the Team

At Spectrum Medical, we are thrilled to welcome two new AAHIVM Certified members to our team. Our newest additions bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to help us continue providing our patients with excellent care.

Jose Rodriguez-Garcia, MD

Dr. Jose Rodriguez Garcia is our new Medical Director. Five years ago, his residency in HIV medicine kickstarted a journey filled with passion and purpose – to end the devastating HIV epidemic around the world and ensure everyone in marginalized communities has access to healthcare providers that understand their unique needs. A well-deserved champion of LGBTQ+ healthcare, we know he will be an incredible asset in providing compassionate care to all our patients.

Ari Kravitz, FNP-C

Ari Kravitz is our newest Family Nurse Practitioner and brings more than just credentials from Ohio State Wexner Medical Center. Having come out as a queer, trans man during his undergrad years, he’s determined to impact healthcare for LGBTQ+ individuals by helping them live authentic, healthy lives. Along with his expertise with level 2 trauma and deep-rooted compassion, Ari embodies what it means to truly care about those around him.

We hope you have the chance to meet Dr. Jose Rodriguez Garcia and Ari Kravitz. As leading experts in LGBTQ+ healthcare and HIV treatment and care, they will guide you on your journey to optimal health and wellness. Contact our office today to book your appointment.

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