Get Tested Today and Take Control

Spectrum Medical is working to ensure that sexual health screenings are accessible to everyone. Despite the cost, systemic barriers, or other challenges limiting access to testing services, Spectrum Medical has launched a new initiative that offers free STI testing. 

On the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month, patients can test for HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea in a safe and inclusive environment.

Talking about STIs can be uncomfortable for many people, partly due to the stereotypes and fear associated with them. That is why the team at Spectrum Medical is stepping in to offer free STI testing on your schedule. Making information and testing more accessible is crucial to combat the issues created by the HIV epidemic. Patients can visit our office at 200 E Monterey Way from 5-7 pm to get tested with zero stigma.

Our goal is to make sure every person has access to testing as well as treatment if it’s needed. You can find our U.B.U. Crew at local events across Maricopa County, providing HIV/STI testing, sexual health education, and preventative services. To schedule a “Testing After Dark” appointment, click here, or walk-ins are always welcome.

Spread awareness and support those around you who may benefit from our free service. Update your status and take control of your health!

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