We’re Making a Splash in 2023

At Spectrum Medical, we are excited to announce Victor E. Avila as the new Director of Community Relations. He has a wealth of experience, having worked for the Aunt Rita’s Foundation and Phoenix Pride, where he played a pivotal role in organizing LGBTQ celebrations in the valley. But before joining the Spectrum Medical team, Mr. Avila was a patient.

“I’ve been a patient of Spectrum Medical for many years and have always had an exceptional experience,” Mr. Avila explained, “Having worked in the HIV field as well as in the LGBTQ+ community, I viewed this position with Spectrum as an opportunity to work with two communities that mean so much to me.”

Under the leadership of Mr. Avila, our community outreach program, the U.B.U. Crew will make tremendous advances in helping improve the health and well-being of those living in Maricopa County. 

Since Mr. Avila joined the Spectrum crew, the U.B.U. Crew has jumped headfirst into community outreach initiatives. On December 1st, they attended the World AIDS Day event in downtown Phoenix where they provided free HIV testing and wellness exams to residents through their mobile clinic. They also participated in an outreach event at Chicanos por la Causa on December 8th, where they spoke about the importance of knowing your HIV status.

“I want to use my role in Community Relations to help our community understand that our healthcare needs are different, and that Spectrum Medical is equipped to help meet them.”

In 2023, Spectrum Medical will be stepping up its involvement in the local community with the help of Mr. Avila. You can watch his recent interview with Arizona History Happy Hour and Univision Arizona to learn more about our newest team member.

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