The Power of Gender-Affirming Care

Pride Month is a time to celebrate the LGBTQ community, to be proud of who one is, and to embrace their unique journey. It’s also a perfect opportunity to emphasize the importance of self-care. Self-care isn’t just about pampering oneself but prioritizing physical and mental well-being. Gender-affirming care plays a significant role in this journey.

A Transgender Advocate

Ari Kravitz is a transgender primary care physician at Spectrum Medical. In a recent interview with Univision, Ari shared his personal journey and experiences as a health specialist. He explained that his decision to become a doctor was deeply rooted in his own affirmation process. Ari realized there was a lack of adequate help and guidance during his journey, which motivated him to become a healthcare professional dedicated to filling that gap.

“I wanted to help serve my community and be a provider who understands what trans people and other people in the LGBTQ community have experienced and where we come from,”

Ari Kravitz, primary care physician at Spectrum Medical

Supporting Transgender Health

Gender-affirming care is a comprehensive healthcare approach that acknowledges and respects a person’s gender identity. It encompasses medical procedures and treatments and provides psychological, social, and emotional support. For transgender and gender-diverse individuals, this type of care is life-changing. It validates their identity and helps them lead authentic lives.

A Safe Space for Inclusive Care

At Spectrum Medical, we believe that healthcare should be a partnership between providers and patients, where open communication, trust, and respect are paramount.

Whether you’re considering gender-affirming therapy or simply seeking guidance and support on your journey, Spectrum Medical is here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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