Transgender Awareness Week

Show Support for Transgender Awareness Week

Every November, from November 13th to the 19th, individuals nationwide come together for Transgender Awareness Week. This period offers a chance to understand the transgender community and the challenges they face. As a part of Transgender Awareness Week, Ari Kravitz, a Family Nurse Practitioner at Spectrum Medical Care Center, shares his journey.

Small Gestures, Big Impact

In the past, Ari remembers getting a ‘big brother’ birthday card from his sister – a small but meaningful gesture that hit home. As a transgender man, that moment meant a lot to Ari, signaling the need for affirmation of his true self. As an adult now, Ari continues his journey of gender affirmation, fully aware that people’s reactions will vary.

“It is a yearning for affirmation of our true self that moves us to make a change in the first place,” Ari explained. “And for those who are on a path toward gender affirmation, how they are treated by others along the way will run the gamut.”

Navigating Pronouns and Healthcare

Whether at work or in casual conversation, showing respect for someone’s pronouns, especially during gender affirmation, is essential. If you ever find yourself uncertain, feel free to ask in a friendly manner.

“Innocent questions aren’t harmful; shame is,” Ari explained, reflecting on a moment when a little girl asked her mother about his gender. Instead of encouraging her to ask Ari politely, the mother shushed her.

Ensuring the use of proper pronouns is crucial, and when it comes to healthcare for the transgender community, it’s just as significant. This involves essential services like hormone replacement therapies and, if desired, surgeries.

“Transgender people may need primary care that is particularly specialized, like a trans man needing preventative services like a pap smear. This would not be a surprise at Spectrum Medical Care Center, where LGBTQ+ health care is robust,” Ari said.

A Safe Space for Everyone

Transgender Awareness Week reminds us that our commitment to understanding and compassion should extend throughout the year. It’s not just about conversation. It’s an ongoing effort to create a world where everyone, regardless of their gender identity, feels acknowledged, supported, and valued. At Spectrum Medical Care Center, we are dedicated to delivering gender-affirming care, transgender care, and primary care, all while offering unwavering support for those navigating their unique paths. Schedule your appointment today!

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